HGTV’s Home Town

"Home Town" is a beloved staple on HGTV starring Ben and Erin Napier. In production since 2015 and set in Laurel, Mississippi, the couple revitalizes old homes, infusing them with modern comforts while preserving their historical charm. The show gained popularity for its genuine storytelling and the Napiers' personal connection to the community. It showcases small-town America and highlights the importance of community involvement in revitalization efforts. "Home Town" has inspired viewers with its renovation expertise and heartwarming narratives, sparking spin-offs and earning a dedicated fanbase.

New episodes for the show’s seventh season aired in early 2024. It is hard to believe that over 100 homes have been renovated by the Napiers, and that Erin and Ben are in production for Season 8. This next season will take a look back to where it all started 9 years ago. In that time, families have grown, a small town has strengthened, businesses have flourished and millions of people have witnessed the joy that families feel when old houses become their homes.

The city of Laurel and Jones County serve as a picturesque backdrop in the show, characterized by its quaint small-town charm and rich historical heritage. Viewers are treated to scenes of tree-lined streets, elegant Craftsman-style homes and vibrant downtown storefronts. The town's architecture provides a stunning canvas for Erin and Ben’s renovation projects, showcasing their skill in preserving and enhancing its historic beauty. Beyond its visual appeal, Laurel & Jones County exude a palpable sense of community spirit, with residents actively engaged in revitalization efforts and eager to welcome visitors and newcomers. Its warm hospitality and timeless appeal make Laurel an idyllic setting for the heartfelt transformations featured on "Home Town."

“Home Town” Experiences

→ Visit one of the three stores owned by the Napiers and their partners in downtown Laurel:

  1. Laurel Mercantile Co.: The flagship store offering a variety American-made products for the home and kitchen, plus t-shirts, prints by local artists and other items that have been staged in episodes of “Home Town.”
  2. Scotsman General Store & Ben’s Woodshop: Offers a curated selection of glass bottled sodas, unique snacks and other wares that would have been found in general stores of yesteryear. A viewing window in the General Store allows you to peer into the Woodshop where many custom pieces for “Home Town” families are made. The Scotsman Snowball Stand and food truck park are adjacent, and they offer ample room for refreshments and relaxation.
  3. Scent Library: More than just a candle shop, the Scent Library is home to dozens of scents that were personally designed by Erin to tell specific stories of her life.

→ Take a self-guided “As Seen on TV” tour:

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“Home Town” Casting:

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